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I like Kickstarter, within reason. In my arrogant opinion, I think it works best as sort of "pre-order" at the lowest levels- let fans order the book ahead of time, so it functions like an advance in some ways. Offer goodies at the higher cash levels to get the project funded quickly.

You could offer trade paperbacks of the book published through Createspace at one level, e-books at another, and a very low level for donations and "tip jar" assistance, and high level goodies for the die hard fans.

Here are some ideas I sent a friend of mine who asked the same thing, customized a little:

$1 - you get warm fuzzies.
$2 - you get thanked on the blog in a big post.
$3 - above, plus a postcard of the book cover or a bookmark
$5 - The e-book, when it comes out
$7 - e-book + bookmark/card
$20 - trade paperback (if such exists, or a "thanks" in the back of the book)
$25 - trade + e-book
$30 - signed book
$50 - a thank you in the back of the book
$75 - book plus Cafepress t-shirt of the book cover
$100 - above, plus signed photo
$250 - above, plus personal thank you letter
$500 - above, plus dedication in the opening pages
$1000 - Sing "Happy birthday" to you on youtube, wearing luchadore mask
$2500 - Airbrush buyer's face on hood of my car
$5000 - Will design & pay for tattoo next time you're in L.A.

It's not set in stone, but I think this is a great way for series writers to judge interest and fund projects, and I hope to do it someday myself.

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