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Considering Kickstarter

I'm considering using Kickstarter to help fund the next Butch Fatale novel: MY TONGUE IS QUICK. This series is a real labor of love for me. A sexy, edgy, queer, and truly indy project with little mainstream appeal, and so I feel that the DIY, my-dad's-got-a-barn approach is going to be the best way to make it happen.

What do you guys think of Kickstarter? Writers, have you ever used Kickstarter to fund a project? How did it work out for you? Readers, have you ever contributed to a project via Kickstarter? Were you happy with the result?

My one and only experience with Kickstarter so far has been on the giving end, in helping to fund the MR ANGEL documentary. It really did make me feel good to be part of that project, even in a small way. But I can't help but wonder if anyone would really care enough about my little hardboiled lesbian PI series to cough up the cold hard cash to keep it going.



Feb. 16th, 2012 07:51 pm (UTC)
A colleague recently used Kickstarter to fund the second season of a webseries. He achieved his goal, in the mid-five figures, in a matter of days and ended up raising enough to do a feature-length version of the show. He has what you have going for you: name recognition and a pre-existing fan base.

The key with Butch Fatale, it seems to me, would be creating levels of access so that contributors feel they're getting extra, more "inside" content.