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Hoodtown on Kindle

Listen up, Skins. My novel HOODTOWN is now available in eBook format. You think Angel Dare is tough? Wait till you meet X. Click here to download that bad bitch right now.

Here's a snippet of the publisher's press release, in case you still need convincing:

"Hoodtown, the genre-bending ‘lucha-noir’novel from
the “First Lady of Hard Case Crime” Christa Faust (Money Shot, Choke Hold) is now
available in eBook format on the Amazon Kindle and on PCs, tablets and phones via the
Kindle App. The introductory price is $2.99, now available for immediate download.

Described by the author as “Casablanca with wrestling masks,” Hoodtown is a fusion
of lucha libre (Mexican masked wrestling) and vintage pulp with a gritty hardboiled
sensibility, all centered on a tough female lead.

‘X’ is a disgraced wrestler living on the mean streets of an all masked wrestler
ghetto. When a serial killer leaves behind not only dead, but unmasked, bodies, she is
reluctantly drawn into not only the manhunt, but a conspiracy that threatens the very
sanctity of Hoodtown’s masked culture."

This book is a personal favorite of mine, one that got very little exposure the first time around. I'm glad it's getting a second chance to find a wider audience. So check it out, and let me know what you think.

Hoodtown Review

Nice write up on HOODTOWN from Bill Crider.


Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga, who most people would know as the shrink in The Departed, was never really on my radar. Interesting, a little edgy and those really mesmerizing blue eyes, but typically stick-skinny like every other big Hollywood actress. Well, I just watched a strange little indy film called QUID PRO QUO and I’m in love.

Farmiga is a voluptuous goddess in this film. She’s packed on the curves in all the right places and is now so hot it hurts. Those legs. That ass! She is officially the most beautiful woman alive and when she came on screen in a medical fetish corset and leg braces, I almost had to dial 911.

But seriously, kids, this post isn’t just me being a lecherous perv (well that too.) With those eyes and that ass, if she were willing to put on a few more pounds, she would be a fantastic X. X is the masked lady wrestler heroine of my novel HOODTOWN and if you don’t know that by now, shame on you! Go buy it now. (scroll down) I’ll wait.

I’m telling you. If you don’t believe me, just get out a sharpie and draw a wrestling mask over this face:

See what I mean? No? Well, then go rent QUID PRO QUO and get back to me.


No, that’s not a finishing move or an extra twenty dollars from your masked masseuse, it’s a luchalicious garage sale over at HOODTOWN publisher From Parts Unknown. you don’t own my novel HOODTOWN by now, you no longer have an excuse. And while you’re there, pick up Rafe Navarro’s LUCHA NOIR (featuring rough HOODTOWN art and never before seen sketches) or opt for the “one of everything” option and get your Holiday-Of-Choice shopping taken care of for the next ten years. Or just keep it all to yourself.


Yuma and Campeones

The trip to Yuma was quicker than I really needed it to be. I shot a ton of photos of mundane, utterly unremarkable places and things, which was my mission. Too often the only photos of a city or town that are available online show nothing but the pretty places, the images most appealing to tourists. Or else you find striking, unusual photos taken by skillful shutterbugs with an eye for composition and visual balance. You can never find a photo like this:

I still have a few other setting issues that need to be nailed down, but otherwise, mission pretty much accomplished.

In other news, last night was the special premiere midnight screening of Los Campeones de la Lucha Libre . The event kicked off with a live performance by the amazing Mariachi Los Toros, whose music is featured in the film. The film itself was absolutely gorgeous, just as good, if not better than I had hoped. It’s also jam packed with cool monsters and hilarious Lucha in-jokes. Watch closely for a sneaky cameo of Rafael Navarro’s Chocolate Tio Chango poster from HOODTOWN.

Click here for a slide show of the star-studded premiere, including one or two of me looking really sleepy and worn out, like I just drove to Yuma and back in one day. (Oh wait…)

Hoodtown, The Movie

Because I want to be cool like Duane Swierczynski, you can click here to read my entry on a group blog where writers talk about who they would cast in film adaptations of their novels.