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More Out Of Context Theater

Starring Dean Winchester:

Dean considered himself to be pretty open minded, but what happened next was probably up there in the top ten weirdest things he’d ever done with a naked woman. Well sort of naked. Sort of a woman. Anyway it was pretty damn weird.
Some random silly dialog that may or may not make it into the final draft of my Supernatural tie-in. That first line is from Xochi Cazadora, the foxy Mexican huntress who teams up with the Winchester boys to fight Aztec demons.

“I suppose you think you’re more tough than me because you don’t put sugar in your coffee.”

“No,” Dean said. “I’m tougher than you because I know all the lyrics to ‘Eye of the Tiger.’”

“Yeah?” Xochi said. “Well, I know all the lines from Die Hard. In English and in Spanish.”

“I once ganked a demon with a match book and a handful of pocket change.”

“Last week I killed six mummies with my chonies,” she said. “And I was wearing them at the time.”


“You know, panties.”

“Damn,” Dean said. “You win.”

Putting Words In Dean Winchester's Mouth

For Ian, and everyone else who requested another little excerpt from my Supernatural tie-in novel in progress.

Dean, on why he won't dress like a masked wrestler:

“When I’m facing off against an unholy soul-sucking abomination from beyond the grave, I want something a little more substantial than spandex to protect my future children.”

Postcard from the Front Lines: Round 2

Rough writing day today. I just can't figure why some days are like this and some days aren't. Especially when it's a straightforward tie-in project and I've pretty much got everything laid out in advance.

For the curious, I'm required to submit a very detailed outline for approval by my editor before I even get started on a job like this. After all, it's their world, I just write it it.

Anyway it's getting down to the wire now, and there's no time left for bad days. But this is the job. Writing my way through days like this.

On a related note, I seem to have collected a disturbing number of photos of Sam and Dean Winchester in bondage. You know, for research.

Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor

An excerpt from my Supernatural novel in progress that probably won't make it into the final draft:

"Dean never imagined his life might end like this. Naked in a Tijuana brothel with an eighty year old woman dressed like Janine from Spinal Tap sizing up his junk and looking distinctly unimpressed. He really wished the room wasn’t so heavily air-conditioned."

Postcard from the Front Lines

Sometimes, towards the end of a project, I get into this weird headspace where I can't do anything but write. I'm done for the day, I've made my word count and I just can't stand to sit at my desk for one more minute, but I have no idea what else to do with myself. I walk around, picking up books and putting them down. Staring at DVD cases but never actually watching anything. Eventually I find myself drifting inevitably back to the desk. Just to make some notes, or jot down a few random lines of dialog. I had the word "PULQUE!" written on the back of my hand when I got up this morning because I woke up in the middle of the night with this idea for a scene where my foxy Mexican huntress teaches the Winchester boys how to spit the last swig of pulque into the shape of a scorpion. I have no idea if this scene will even make it into the final version of the book or not, and it doesn't really matter. My point is just how weird this process feels sometimes, how it gets so deep under my skin.

Well, back at...

Tied In, Again

You're probably not gonna be seeing much of me on the ol' interwebs over the next two months. Here's why:

No, Sam and Dean don't team up with Hijo Del Santo or anything like that, but it's been a real blast for me to cut loose from the real world and make with the hot monster action. It's getting down to crunch-time on the deadline for this one, so I'm going into hardcore pulp machine mode. I'll see you on the other side.