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I’m here in Seattle with Sue Ann. Yesterday was a blast. The signing at the Seattle Mystery Book Shop with Marcus Sakey was fantastic. All three of us posted about it on their blog. Sue Ann got some great photos so I’ll link to them when she is able to put them up.

The B&N signing was not as well attended. Actually let me rephrase that. The store was twice as crowded but no one seemed particularly interested in us. I was able to lure in a few stray guys when Sue Ann suggested I start reading, but I was only able to read a few paragraphs in that PG crowd. In the end we didn’t sell as many books as the pet psychic who was up right before us, but we did sell a few so it wasn’t a total bust. We also did a drive by to sign store stock at another B&N on our way to the real event of the evening, our date at the Zig Zag Cafe with Vince Keenan and his lovely wife Rosemary. We lured the unsuspecting Sakey into joining us, along with Kim (apologies if I’m misremembering your name) from the Seattle Mystery Book Shop. A lurid good time was had by all.