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Pour One Out For Our Punch Drunk Homies

When I was researching head trauma and CTE (known in the fight game as Punch Drunk Syndrome) for my novel CHOKE HOLD, I became aware of the Sports Legacy Institute   founded by former pro wrestler and college football player Chris “Harvard” Nowinski. I’m proud to say that I was able to raise almost $1000 for concussion research by auctioning off an advanced copy of the book. 

Now I’m not a football fan, but I know that today is a big day for people who are. So I’m asking all you football fans out there (and non-fans too) to please consider making a donation to this worthy cause today. Even if it’s just a tenth of your beer budget for the night. Think of it as pouring one out for our dead homies. Guys like Andre Waters, Cookie Gilchrist and Greg Lens. Guys who, like fighters and pro wrestlers, willingly sacrificed their bodies and brains for your entertainment.

Click here to donate now.

And enjoy the game knowing that you helped fund research and encourage policy changes that will protect young athletes and future superbowl participants for years to come.