Christa Faust (faustfatale) wrote,
Christa Faust

Snakes on a Premiere

Thanks to the gracious Lin Shaye, I was able to attend the premiere for SoaP. The film was loads of fun and I enjoyed all the unexpected R additions that had not been included in the draft I read. The best part about the screening was the fact that I was seated next to an attorney who said he “never goes to this kind of movie” and was hollering and squirming in his seat the whole time.

I attended the after party as well. It was… Well it was a Hollywood after party. Hardly anyone spoke to me except for Lin and the actor who played Leroy. That made me feel weirdly guilty because his character was the one I got kind of stuck on and couldn’t come up with much of any background for. I spent a lot more time on Troy and Three Gs.

Anyway, the party planners had some funny ideas, like giving out little boxed airplane lunches and bags of peanuts. On the other hand, I was completely mystified by the go-go dancers dressed like stewardesses. Sounds hot, right? Except these girls were wearing ugly, loose-fitting, potato sack shirt dresses with absolutely no shape whatsoever. It seems if you’re going to have sexy girls dancing on platforms, you ought to get to see at least a hint of torso. But hey, that’s just me.

Brian “Snakes on a Blog” Finklestein was there too, but I couldn’t find him in the crowd. I didn’t bring a camera but he did. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a shot of me in my snakeskin dress. It fit a lot better than those stewardess dresses.

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